Personality Integration, Leadership Orientation, and Teamwork Program - (P.I.L.O.T)

Know Thyself, Know Others, and Craft a Meaningful Purpose for Your Life

(An initiative under Behavioral Skills Foundation)

Prof. Jayashree Mahesh
Faculty Incharge
PILOT Program


In the present world of technology and automation, only those professionals who balance technical knowledge with behavioral skills can succeed. In order to empower leaders of tomorrow, it is important that educational institutions equip their students with the necessary competencies in the domains of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, and leadership.

To cater to the expectations of Generation Z students, educational institutions need to create customized learning experiences for students factoring in their areas of skill gap, learning preferences, and future professional choices. Hence it is important to design and develop learning modules that will suit the varying requirements of different categories of students.

Program for Behavioral Skills Foundation - PILOT

This in-house leadership and talent development program has been developed to cater to the present day challenges in order to bridge the academia-reality gap for students thereby making them industry ready. This program envisages laying down the foundations of the behavioral skills core that is highly essential in today’s professional and personal context. The customized modules of the program have been designed and developed by the faculty members leveraging the certification and knowledge acquired on personality and team accreditations.

Key Elements

In order to deliver effective talent development programs that would help the students make better career decisions and personal choices, this program is be based on sound behavioral knowledge and active learning that would focus on imparting fundamentals of behavioral skills, and building leadership and team competencies. The differentiating elements of this program are learner-centric processes and multipronged pedagogy (self-assessment tools, hands-on activities, and simulations) resulting in customized modules in order to create a unique learning experience to cater to Gen Z expectations.


The PILOT program will be delivered in the form of four structured modules interspersed with guest/expert lectures in order to bring in the outside perspective. Student engagement will be ensured through active learning pedagogy, team-based learning, and small group interventions. The modules would be learner-centric and experiential, and use self-assessment inventories, team activities, role plays, and simulations. The sessions are designed such that it leverages blended learning, and gives students time for reflection and application so as to build skills and transfer at work. This will be then followed by individual feedback, deep counseling, and action plans for self-improvement and growth. The students will be monitored and assessed on the effectiveness of their action plans.


• Personality and Personal Growth

• Leadership Orientation and Emotional Intelligence

• Communication, Collaboration & Conflict Management

• Team Work and Networking

Expected Outcomes

Self-Assessment of Strengths and Weakness

Enhanced Personal and career decision making

Goal setting and goal attainment

Effective Teamworking Skills

Improved Behavioral Core


This Certification Program will be delivered by accredited professionals in the areas of Personality Development and Team Building. This includes, but is not limited to, Dr. Jayashree Mahesh and Dr. Mohammad Faraz Naim, who are our resident experts in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. They are certified Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) practitioners and Accredited Belbin Team Role Trainers. Prof. Anil Bhat will enrich the students with his knowledge of Indian philosophical foundations on management and leadership.