BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science), Pilani is at the forefront of scientific research and Industrial consultancy. A well organized and systematic approach has been developed for the selection of research scholars.

BITS Pilani offers Ph.D. programme in the following modes:

  • Full Time Ph.D.

  • Part Time Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. aspirant scheme

Ph.D. Program Modes

  • Full-time:
    Research scholars take up Ph.D. as their full-time academic involvement within the campus. All full time students are accommodated in student hostels or quarters. Depending on the availability, scholars are provided fellowship stipend either from BITS or from sponsored projects. Student can avail fellowship provided by various national funding agencies such as UGC, CSIR etc.

  • Part-time:
    This scheme is applicable for working professionals who can simultaneously continue with their jobs. A person working in reputed research organizations, academic institutes and industries, situated preferably in the close vicinity of one of the campuses of BITS Pilani, can be admitted on part time basis provided the candidate is working in an organization which encourages and facilitates research, meets the requisite minimum educational qualification for admission to Ph.D. programme of BITS Pilani, has minimum of one year work experience in related field, and is able to furnish a "consent & no objection certificate" from his/her parent organization.

  • Aspirant:
    Industries and R & D Organizations collaborating with BITS can sponsor candidates to work for Ph.D. under the Ph.D. Aspirants Scheme. Under this scheme such employed professionals working in industries and R&D organizations having long experience and proven competence aspiring for Ph.D. programme are considered and allowed to pursue their research at their own locations of work. They are required to choose one BITS faculty as supervisor and or as co-supervisor.

Course Structure

All candidates shortlisted for Ph.D. Programme in the Department of Management have to mandatorily undergo some structured courses, as per their requirement. This is decided by the Department Research Committee after careful consideration of the needs of the candidate. PhD candidates have to complete these courses to be eligible for consideration of awarding of PhD.

The candidates are also required to take a written qualifying examination before embarking on their research for PhD. All candidates must take up two foundation courses, primarily focusing on principles of management, business communication and research methodology. They also have to choose two sub-areas from the below mentioned list:

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

  • Operations Management & Decision Sciences

  • Information Technology & Technology Management

  • Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Please click here to know about the syllabus for the Qualifying Examination.