Prof. Saurabh ChadhaFaculty InchargePractice School

Practice School (PS-II) is an educational advancement seeking to link industry exposure with university instruction. PS creates the required setting for experiential and cooperative learning and education, by providing students with a six months’ opportunity to work on relevant assignments under the guidance of professional experts and the supervision of faculty members, following a structured rigorous program. Consequently, Practice School serves as a platform that facilitates and promotes partnership and intellectual exchange between academia and industry. Few companies engaged for PS internship include CISCO, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, UBS, Capgemini etc.

Past Practice School Stations

Average stipend offered to the 2017-19 batch of students during their 6 months' Practice School internship is Rs. 28,000 per month (approx.). In the last three years, students from the Department of Management have done their 6 months' Practice School internship in more than 50 companies.